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Tips to Prepare for Houseguests During the Holiday Season

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Guest BedroomWelcoming guests into your home for the holiday season is an honor and a privilege. The friends and family who gather at your home come for a reason, they love you, your family, and your hospitality. There are plenty of wonderful holiday activities to enjoy in the fall and winter in Central New Jersey when your guests arrive, but first things first. You will need to prepare your home. In addition to cleaning your entire home (giving special attention to all of your bathrooms) you will want to focus on cleaning and preparing the guest rooms. The guest rooms should provide a place of peace and make your guests feel welcome. It is easily accomplished. Here are some tips for preparing guest rooms, and additional tips to prepare for houseguests during the holiday season. 

Guest Rooms 

Declutter & Clean Guest Rooms: Hotel rooms offer travelers a clean and empty room free of clutter. This has a calming effect on road weary travelers. Give your guest rooms the same attention to detail you have come to expect when checking into a hotel room. Remove excess clutter to provide a peaceful place for friends and loved ones to unwind. Clean, clean, and clean some more. Your holiday guests will be greeted with a majesty akin to checking into a room at La Maison Favart in Paris, France. You love these people, you’ve invited them here, and they will be arriving soon. Show them you mean it! 

Guest Closet & Dresser: It is important to give your guests ample room to unpack. Empty the guest room closet, dresser, and nightstand. Consider an appropriate place for them to store luggage after they put their things away. 

Guest Towels: The guest towels need to be clean, stacked, and ready. Take a good look at the guest towels. Replace with new when necessary. 

Guest Bed Linens: The bed linens need to be clean. Have one or two extra blankets available: clean, folded, and easily accessible (guests from warmer climates will appreciate this, as their bodies may not be accustomed to Central New Jersey fall and winter weather). A selection of pillows is also a nice touch to make guests feel welcome and cared for (large pillows, small pillows, soft pillows, firm pillows). 

Pièce de résistance: Two simple steps will demonstrate your mastery in hosting holiday guests. First, take the time to write a short note welcoming them into your home and leave it on the nightstand. Second, have necessary toiletries stocked in the bathroom, new and unopened (toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, travel soap, travel shampoo, comb, razor). These items can be attractively arranged in a basket and readily available for houseguests who may have forgotten to bring an essential personal item such as a toothbrush. 

Food & Drink 

Favorite Foods & Snacks: Have a snack or meal ready for your guests when they arrive. They will be weary from travel. You will want to plan your meals to include some of their favorite foods and snacks. If you don’t know what they are you can ask. It is very important to ask if there are any food allergies or dietary restrictions to consider.

Favorite Spirits: Do your homework and find out what your guests like to drink. It might be a certain brand of mineral water or a single malt whiskey. It might be a basic, but drinkable, red table wine. If you already know what your guests like it will be easy. Just go to the store and pick it up. If you don’t know you’ll need to ask somebody who does. It is more fun if it’s a surprise, so check with other relatives or friends. Be careful not to offend anyone who was not invited to the holiday sleepover during your inquiry. 

The Keys to the Castle 

House Keys: If your guests are staying for several days, consider having an extra key made and leaving it on the nightstand for their convenience. Use an oversized decorative holiday keychain (more difficult to lose track of). They will be able to come and go as they please (and they might just surprise you by restocking the liquor cabinet with some of your favorite spirits when you’re not looking). 

Wi-Fi: Have your home wi-fi printed out and set on the nightstand in the guest room. 

Alarm Code: Have your home alarm code printed out and set on the nightstand in the guest room. Home alarm codes should be reset at regular intervals during the year. You can reset the home alarm code after the holiday fun. 

When your guest’s basic needs are met (food, shelter, and wi-fi), everybody will be ready for all the wonderful holiday activities and outings you have planned for them to celebrate your new Central New Jersey home. Just remember to keep a loose schedule, and give your guests a little downtime to enjoy some peace and quiet in that guest room you so lovingly prepared. 

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