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Questions To Ask A Realtor When Buying For The First Time

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First Time BuyersThis is an exciting time in your life! You and your wife, husband, or domestic partner are ready to buy a home or condo for the first time. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an agent, and a lot of questions to ask a realtor when buying for the first time. There are questions you may not think to ask (and one of many reasons why choosing a qualified and experienced agent is in your best interest). CENTURY 21 Action Plus Realty has over 275 sales professionals serving the Central New Jersey market. You will be connecting to a vast resource of real estate, industry, and financial services when working with one of our offices

Do I need a real estate agent? 

Selecting a buyer’s agent when buying a home is an important step in the home buying process. A buyer’s agent will represent you and work in your best interest when choosing neighborhoods, homes, inspectors, and navigating the paperwork and contracts. This is a step in the right direction. 

What should I ask when selecting a buyer’s agent? 

Asking questions about their experience will help in selecting a buyer’s agent. 

  • How long have you been a buyer’s agent? 
  • Are you also a seller’s agent? 
  • How many homes did you close last year? 
  • What is your list-to-sales price average? (this will give insight into their negotiation skill set) Would you buy this home? 

Your agent may or may not be as enthusiastic about the home as you and your spouse. Getting a sense of the agent’s response will be very helpful. Their answers might give you a reason to move forward with making an offer on a home, or perhaps reconsider and keep looking. 

Why are the owners selling the home? 

The current owners may have lived in the home for the last 40 years and are simply ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives, or they may have only lived in the home for the last several years. A short term owner could raise some red flags. If the home has been bought and sold several times in the last 10 years it might suggest problems with the home, location, or neighborhood. 

Are there any association fees, or special assessments scheduled? 

This is one of the great questions to ask a realtor when buying for the first time, and one you may not think to ask. Undoubtedly you will be thinking about the price of the home, monthly utilities, and insurance when considering how much your budget will allow when buying for the first time. When purchasing a condo there will be a monthly fee to cover shared maintenance costs. When purchasing a single family home there could be a monthly fee to cover upkeep and repairs in the neighborhood, if the home is part of a homeowners association.

Special assessments are an additional monthly fee to cover the cost of planned large scale projects scheduled in the future (for example, roof repairs in a condominium unit, and road paving in some HOA neighborhoods). Planned special assessments should be disclosed to the buyer. 

CENTURY 21 Action Plus Realty has offices strategically located in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, and Mercer counties. Learn more by exploring the home, condo, and waterfront property listings in Central New Jersey. Contact us today so we may help you begin the search for your new home and the next chapter of your life!

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